Team Contract

Team Contract 

Mission Statement: The goal of this project is to create a new communication and monitor system for Lifespan partnered hospitals. This system with allow the medical staff monitor the vitals and have risk assessment of multiple patients, as well as having communication system for medical staff to post alerts and ask for tools, schedule items etc.


1) All team members will be active in the roles that are scheduled to them.

2) Team members will be informed at meetings to prevent any problems and discuss any additional information.

3) Team member will be working together to produce an excellent end product.


1) team members must respect other members idea

2) the team communication will be primary made in an e-mail basis and all of the communication needs to be replied to in timely manner.

3) Team meetings are going to be held once a week

4) Every week their will be a progress report to keep the objective to stay on deadline.

Meeting Regulations

1) The meeting will be to strategize the agenda for the duration of the project and to solve any problems.

2) To document any necessary information such as approvals, team issues, etc.