Status Report

Status Report Overall Status:

Schedule (on track) and Scope (good)- their is no deviation at this time

Work completed this reporting period

  1. Created the custom software for the lifespan network
  2. bought the neccessary amount of tablets
  3. beta testing the software

work to complete by next reporting period

  1. refine any bugs that are in the system
  2. train the staff
  3. fully intergrate system in the lifespan network

whats going well and why: what is going well at this time is that the program has been well received by the betatesters at this time because they like the ease of use that is in the program and how time saving it is.

suggestions/issues: the current suggestion is the make the software have another feature like being able to send report to patients for a quick delivery of invoice and patient info

proposed project changes: At the moment their is no changes to be made.