Project Charter


Mission Statement: The goal of this project is to create a new communication and monitor system for Lifespan partnered hospitals. This system with allow the medical staff monitor the vitals and have risk assessment of multiple patients, as well as having communication system for medical staff to post alerts and ask for tools, schedule items etc.

Start Date

April 1, 2015

End Date

June 3, 2015

Project Team

Timothy J. Babineau- President and Chief Executive Officer

Carole M. Cotter- Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Frederick J. Macri- Executive Vice President, System Operations

Mark Montella- Senior Vice President, External Affairs

Peter Snyder- Senior Vice President, Chief Research Officer

Mamie Wakefield- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Gabriel Lantigua- Employee

Ely Lantigua- Certified Medical Assistant

Team Roles

Timothy J. Babineau- Team leader and project manager

Carole M. Cotter- team vice president

Frederick J. Macri- IT systems

Peter Snyder- senior manager

Mamie Wakefield- finances

Gabriel Lantigua- Project Manager/ team member that appears in meeting

Ely Lantigua- Beta tester/ team member that appears in meetings

Return Expected

A new mobile communication and monitoring system for medical staff at lifespan network hospitals



Training the employees in the new system. This new system will need to be maintained by the IT department.