Since technology is advancing at a rapid pace a new method of monitoring patient vitals will be needed in the future to optimized the care of patients and also give the medical staff another tool that helps in the care of patients.


Lifespan desires to have a new communication and monitoring system to help in their medical staff and patients in their hospitals. The implementation of the system must be done with the scheduled time. The new system will improve the current setup by having the medical staff have a mobile tablet that checks the vital signs and risk assessments of the patients that the employee is taking care of. Another element that this software will do is be able to communicate between other users to send messages like code alerts.

Project Information

Project name: Communication & Monitoring system

date: June 2 2015

anticipated end date: June 3 2015

actual end date: June 1, 2015

Anticipated budget: $126,700

actual budget: $130,000

Overall Project Assessment

For the project all of the deliverables outline in the project charter we completed and the feedback from stakeholder was excellent. the project over budget in the area of custom software because of the fixing of the bugs in the beta testing phase.

Scope Management

the project delivered on all deliverable in the outline in the scope of the project.

Quality of Deliverable

the deliverable of the project was all remarked on how well made and easy it is to navigate with the new software. As well as how superior the communication & monitoring system.

Key Accomplishment

the team had excellent communication through out the project and also helped other team members with any problems that had occurred in phases of the project. Also the medical staff was trained with the new software it has been a smooth transition