Issues Log

Issue NumberIssue & ResolutionDate Added/ Resolution due dateRaised byAssigned toDate ResolvedStatus
1the software has a constant command freeze. The login startup was the cause of this problem and it was fixed by adjusting the code.4/10/15-5/10/15Ely LantiguaFrederick Macri4/20/15closed
2One of the tablet has a hardware malfunction. It has been resolved by buying another ipad from Best Buy5/11/15-5/20/15Gabriel LantiguaTimothy Babineaun/apending
3The budget is not high enough to get another Freelance cyber security expert to review the encyption of the software. Approved an additional 3000 dollars for cyber security review.5/12/15-5/15/15Frederick MacriTimothy Babineau5/13/15closed