Change Management

4 frames of change management



Structural Frame

Lifespan network hospitals have put efficiency and quality healthcare first to help all of the patients that entered in the hospitals. In order to excel in the quality of the service lifespan is going to use new mobile technology and software to help medical staff monitor the patients in a more efficient way. This new system allow for better communication between staff members and also includes the benefit of making medical staff aware of patients rising risk factors to help prevent any problems that the patient has.

Human Resource

Before this system was implemented the medical staff had to use a card based system to login to lifespan computers to make their data entry and logout to then later repeat the process over again every time that they had to enter a patients room. With this new system the medical staff can monitor all patients that are under their supervision quickly, easily and effectively regardless if they are not in the patients room.


This new system will continue to follow all federal regulations to maintain the privacy of all patients with the latest encryption and security software. Using this mobile software definitely puts Lifespan network hospitals in the forefront of the legal system should a tablet get stolen or hacked into and to help solve this problem the tablets must be handled by Lifespan staff only and tracked in the building to prevent any criminal activity by the security team.


By staying with the every changing environment of technology the patient will be at ease knowing that the hospitals have invested in the medical equipment to assist in patient care. This system adds another layer to putting patient care as the highest priority in the culture of Lifespan.