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Final post

After my experience with project management it definitely was an enlightening experience to learn about all of the variables that are needed to have project management be successful. For my career also has the added benefit of having a reference to look back on when a project opportunity appears and understand what it takes to complete the project.

The parts that piqued my interest through out this project was team contract, budget, how it works and the deliverables. The team contract was a necessity to determine who will be in responsible for specific actions. Which leads to better organization because all of the necessary information on how to contact each team member. The budget was interesting to learn on what estimated costs the project will have and how to deal with any additional cost that may potentially be.

For the teaching format for this class it definitely an experience that made sure that the students had to be experts for a section of the material and it also forces each students to match or exceed the teaching quality the previous week teacher when explaining the material of the week. It also makes the student more responsible because their is a quiz after that students presentation and the quality of the presentation accounts for the notes that will be used to answer the question of the quizzed

Benefits of the flipped style is that it exposes the students to teaching and whether or not the student would like to continue to follow career in education. It makes the student responsible when teaching their section through out the project management course. What I disliked was that the section to be presented was assigned by the teacher instead of students picking what section they want to do.

I believe that this experience has definitely interesting way to run a class and it forces the students to pay attention to the content presented on a weekly basis by other students. It also make the class becoming more interesting because the students personality and teaching method varies from week the week. Causing different responses to the material presented.

Status Report, Total Quality Management & Procurement

This week my peer Kasey explained how status report, total quality management and procurement have value in project management. The status report contains a list of the objectives that were completed, incomplete and lessons learned in the project. The total quality management section list the company ideals that the company is looking to refine and the reasoning behind them. Procurement section is an analysis for that list and categorizes resources into free or paid sections.

How it works, Benefits, Issues log

Last week I presented the how it works, benefits and issues log are essential pieces to the project management plan. How it works contained a diagram explaining how the projects worked. Second the benefits section explained the benefits what the benefits that the software has in hospitals. Lastly the issue log is a report detailing the problems in the project.

Budget plan

Having a great budget plan definitely helps to focus all of my resources to go to the appropriate areas.

Learned about the WBS, HR Plan, Communication Plan and Risk Register

Last week the addition of the WBS, HR Plan, Communication plan and risk register have helped my project management by flushing out potential problems.

Porter’s Five forces and Gantt Chart

After the presentation of Porter’s five forces and Gantt chart adding it to the project management plan makes perfect sense.


Learning about stakeholders strategy and implementing this strategy to the current project.

Start of Project

Last Wednesday I presented the project to the rest of the class and received acclaim of being an excellent idea.

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